Shelley Zosky

Owner, Physical Mind, Peak Pilates and PMA Certified, and now a student of "The Work" with Jay Grimes.  Student of Pilates since 1991 and First Certified in 2005,  bringing over 20 years experience to Studio Z

​Gloria Rodriguez
Student of Pilates since 2013 and our first Graduate of CPCC, with a full Classical Comprehensive Certification.  Gloria brings a unique flare of energy and strength to her training with an eye for technique.

Chelan Clason

​A former, nationally ranked, competitive gymnast, Chelan is drawn to the acrobatic and dynamic elements of Pilates.  CPCC comprehensive certification and her gymnastic background make her a strong technical teacher, with a passion for discovering techniques to help each student get the most of every session.

Not all Pilates is the same.

The popularity of Pilates has grown tremendously in recent years and many health clubs and studios have begun offering Pilates-based programs or contemporary Pilates. These different methods have degraded the original system by changing the exercises and infusing other methods of exercise.   The original Pilates method is a unique and powerful method that has stood the test of time, over 80 years!  It uses only springs and your own body to provide resistance training and really does deliver results!

Our Misson


Comprehensive Pilates Training you can trust.

Our team of Instructors has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and result producing solutions for our clients. 

Often, more than one area of expertise is required with Pilates training. We often work as a team and bring our individual experiences to help each and every individual.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with special care and intention.

At Studio Z Pilates we strive to provide each and every client with the tools necessary to build their best body and achieve optimal health.

We teach our clientele Pilates Fundamentals to carry with them into their everyday lives.  To achieve a stronger, leaner, more  posturally  sound body.

Joseph Pilates was far ahead of his time in  his teachings and foresaw an increasing population with poor posture.  He worked with clients to build their bodies in his studio and educated them to continue these practices outside the studio.  To not only sit and stand properly but to take those posture into their everyday lives.

Studio Z Pilates strives to continue the teachings of Joseph Hubertus Pilates and to commit to change lives.

"Telephones, automobiles, and economic pressure all combine to create physical letdown and  mental stress so great that today practically no home is entirely free from sufferers of some form of nervous tension."

                                                                      Joseph  H. Pilates

This was in 1934, imagine what he would say if he saw our lives and posture today!

Authentic Pilates Training