Teacher Training  Certification

The C.P.C.C. , Classical Pilates Comprehensive Certification  is a teacher training  program modeling the traditional method of training in apprenticeship style training.  It is a rigorous program where the student is immersed in the  Pilates Method and covers all Pilates apparatus in the Traditional Pilates repetoire.  The program will go through three levels of training, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training, and  an apprenticeship at the studio . 

 The seminars are for  students to  learn the basics of each exercise, how they are taught,  the modifications for body types and injuries, and how to put together an individual workout for each client.

The apprenticeship consists of 15 to 20 hours of practical training each week.  Personal practice, observing  private and group sessions , assisting  other instructors, and taking 2 sessions in the studio per week.


Admission to the C.P.T.  Certification Program is based on the program's ability to meet the needs of the applicant and the applicant's potential to benefit from our rigorous training program. An applicant's potential is evidenced by knowledge of the Pilates method, physical activity background, and commitment to the demanding apprenticeship schedule.

To begin the program, students must demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level, be at an advanced level on the matwork, and be able to apply the principles of Pilates. An assessment by a teacher trainer is required for admission.


Download, complete and send the application form
Submit your resume with the application
Schedule an Assessment at Studio Z Pilates.  Assessment Exercise List.

Application forms are due three weeks before the start of the program. Completed applications can be sent to:

Studio Z Pilates

2930 E. Nees Avenue, Suite 108

Fresno, CA 93720



Basic Level

Assessment        $100

Seminar              $500

Apprenticeship   $500

Intermediate Level

Seminar               $500

Apprenticeship    $500

Advanced  Level

Seminar               $500

Apprenticeship    $500

Assessment         $100

Total Fees          $3200


Classical Pilates Comprehensive Certification

Training  Requirements

Basic Training 

Seminar 20 hours

Practice hours 100

Observation hours100

Intermediate Training

Seminar 22 hours

Practice hours 100

Observation hours 50

Teacher training 50

Advanced Training

Seminar 22 hours

Practice Hours 100

Observation 50

Teacher training 50

1-2 Sessions per week required during training.

Assessment required before each level of training.

Practical and written exams upon completion of Seminars.